Saturday, July 30, 2016

sometimes we all need a little inspiration!

Have a great day, and be sure to be unstoppable in all you do!

Friday, July 29, 2016

Skin cancer from tattoo ink? Hot in the news

When I was 20 years old, I foolishly got a tattoo.  Granted, it's small in size, about one square inch that I firmly believed in at that time.  I still do, but I realized in the past 20 years that I didn't need it to define me.  I think I spent $20 for this small tattoo, placed on my foot.  At least I was smart enough to place it wear it would not be seen 98% of the time.  Most people would not know Or guess I had a tattoo...especially for that long. Half my life.  Wow.  But, I can't imagine how I will feel 20 more years down the road (if I live that long).  God only knows.

This week, I saw some news about possible risks and links from tattoo inks and skin cancer, or melanomas.  So, as always, I wanted more news. Am I a researcher? No.  But, I did find a few articles online, including the original one that scared me--

The Original Article that scared me (

Article on Washington Post (older article!)

Great Article from about tattoo ink/possible carcinogens

If you are now more confused, well, so am I.  Does it make sense that a poorly made, cheap ink that will stay in my skin forever may cause cancer of some type?  Well, putting it that way...yes, it does make sense.  Have people been getting tattoos for centuries?  Yes, they have.  But, the general life expectancy of a human today is higher than it was 100 years ago.  Albeit, it might be slightly higher in comparison, but it's still higher.  Plus, civilized populations, like us generally have a higher expectancy than 3rd world countries.  So, here's my thinking: many third world countries and tribal groups is what I think about when it comes to tattoos a long time ago, and they used natural ingredients from plants and such.  I will say I'm not sure if their inks are safer or different than pigmented inks we use here in the states...I'm sure they are manufactured differently and we have many colors of the rainbow, some look almost unnatural.  I could be way off, but their life expectancy is less...and do we know why?  Who knows?
I may be more confused now, but I'm gathering that when it comes to cancer, we may have herietary tendencies, in our genes, fluke accidents, like I believe mine was, or we expose and put stuff into our bodies that do its toll.  Like using cheap gas or premium gas in your car.  Does it truly make it last longer? Does it prevent it from having issues or breaking down?  The only way to truly know that answer is to have 2 exactly the same cars drive in the same places, get the same work done to them, and use one with unleaded and one super plus gasoline, and who can do that?
It's late, I'm tired, I've been up thinking about this for a few hours.  Ultimately, I fear what we do to our bodies is cumulative, and I wish my stupid self took note of that a long time ago.
We can't go back in time, but we can try our best today.

Make it count, don't worry too much, but live your life fully.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Feeling Blessed by helping others

I have been blessed yesterday and today.
Yesterday, I was able to make some peanut butter cookies to take to the chemo bar.  No appointment, I'm great, but I just wanted to surprise those sitting there getting their meds on a hot and muggy Monday.
I think it was well received.

Today, I was walking a neighborhood, doorknocking and handing out flyers. I had no work appointments, so I thought it would be okay to spend an hour trying to drum up some business.  Going from one door to another, a little elderly lady yelled from across the street, "Miss, can you help me?"

She was attached to a portable oxygen machine and was struggling to get her groceries out of her trunk.  Today was cooler than the last few days, but it was still in the mid to upper 80s.  Turns out she has COPD and a few other issues...and every time she talked it sounded like she was out of breath.  
I carried her groceries inside, set everything on the counter and helped her attach to her big oxygen machine in the living room.  As we were talking and chatting, she reached over to give me a big hug and tell me that I really made her day.  She doesn't have any family around here and its pretty lonely.

I feel like she was the reason I had no appointments and decided to go knock on doors in that neighborhood to see if anyone wanted to sell their home.  She was the only reason, even though my sweaty self was able to hand out 15 flyers (market updates in that neighborhood) and have 3 really good conversations in less than 2 hours.  

Thursday, July 14, 2016

The rash is clearing up!

Today and yesterday have been glorious!  Very little itchies!!  The rash is still there, and the two mother patches from my pityriasis rosea are still big and crusty, but my skin is not as itchy and nerve-wrecking!!  This is a wonderful feeling!!

FYI-- my skin is super dry though, and some of the rashy spots are feeling scaly and look dry.  This might be them starting to heal??  what do you think??

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Attack of another Rash-- this one explained Pityriasis Rosea

Pityriasis Rosea

a small sample of the rash on my abdomen.

About four weeks ago, I developed an itchy pink spot on my lower abdomen. About the size of my thumb, it was oval shaped, very pink, very itchy.
I immediately thought I ate something or used a product I shouldn't have...with all my allergies, of course that 's the first thing that comes to mind.  
Hydro-cortisone cream doesn't work.  I tried Neosporin.  Nothing.  The itchy spot remained.  I decided the next step would be the dermatologist.  
Two weeks go by, and a few days before my appointment, I wake up to a bunch of bumps on my abdomen and chest that look like mosquito bites.  They are raised and itch like mosquito bites, too.  I thought one went wild on me like a buffet in the night.  
Then, I saw Dr Laura.  She looked at me and smiled.  "That's a mother patch!"  
She explained I have Pityriasis Rosea.  Its believed to be caused by a virus, but its kinda unknown.   There is no cure, it goes away after some time.  She asked if I needed more cortisone cream and sent me on my way, expecting it to be gone in another 3-6 weeks time.

Of course, we are 1.5 weeks from seeing Dr Laura, and I am still a crazy itchy person that just wants relief.  I've hit a bunch of websites, looking for home remedies and cures that helped others like me.  Granted, I know I have a weak immune system, even though my "numbers" are good.  PR is a mother of a rash.  I have 2 mother or herald patches, bigger than the others, not really raised, but a bit flaky.   Surrounding my entire body from my knees to my ears are little itchy pink bumps.  Warm water, soap, and sweat/exercise seem to make them stick out more, feel more itchy, and make them more red.  So, my pimple-dotted pits do not see deodorant right now.  I take cool showers.  I try to wear little clothing, because seams and hems tend to rub against my skin and really get me itchy.  

It sucks.  The pamphlet I got at the doc's office says it will go away on its own, but really I just have to put up with it!  

So,, that's what I'vMe been up to.  How about you?  I noticed when I itch too much the skin breaks, and I end up with little scabs.  This is not contagious, by the way.  I got it from something, but not another person.  It looks awful because it is awful.  Looks like no swimming pools until this clears up for me.