Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Still Tired, but healthy

So, I am still taking daily naps.
I get so tired, I usually go out around 2 pm and wake between 4-5 pm almost daily.

After dinner, I watch a bit of tv and am in bed by 8 pm.  I might not fall asleep until 9 pm some nights, but I do.
I try to get out of bed by 6 am, but again, it might be more like 7 am when I actually "Get Out" of bed.
Its been a long time of this --I'm wondering if its habit, or is this part of the New and Improved me?

Does anyone who went through a similar Chemo regimen or almost 2 years of chemo have this issue?  Does it ever go away or is it part of me now?

I am blessed to get another day.
I still strive and want to be able to go to my parents home to help out around the house and yard.  I still want to do more around our own home---I know it will happen.
I'm sure as I lose some more weight it will help.

Please, comment and let me know your story.  Anything hear ringing a bell for anyone?
Thanks- Happy Independence Day- be safe out there! God Bless