Monday, December 16, 2013

8 days of crazy

We finally got to celebrate my remission with a trip to Las Vegas!  We were there last Monday and came home Thursday.  Friday morning, I woke with my usual nausea and an added bonus:  feeling like I had the flu.  My temperature was 99.5, I was coughing, stuffy and congested, had obnoxious post nasal drip, and felt like crap.  After a call from my NP (nurse practioner), it may be the flu, and I was told to monitor my temp and stay at home.  She told me to take mucinex, robitussin, and sore throat lozenges along with plenty of water, Gatorade, and Ensure. 

By Saturday at dinner, my temp was 100.5.  This is it.  Time to go to the ER.  I decided to eat dinner first and take my temp after.  If I went to the ER now, I would be hungry for hours.  I ate a little more than half my dinner, which was an improvement from Friday's dinner (a few bites of a ham sandwich).  My temp went down to 100.3.  Haha!  I decided to not go to the ER just yet, and continued to monitor my temp the rest of the night.  It stayed between 100-100.5 until bed, and when I awoke on Sunday morning, it was back at 98.7!!  I finally broke the fever, and it was a great feeling.

I was scared of the ER.  I knew from all my previous fevers this year what would happen.  The blood draws, the pee test, possible poop test, the chest xray, maybe fluids.  I was not looking forward to it.  I didn't want to go, and I probably should have.  I guess I'm a bit stubborn.  But, I feel a bit better this morning.   Monday morning, and I woke up and put some laundry on.  I even took Frank out potty.  First time in over a week!!

Where did the time go?  Now I have tons of stuff to do, but little energy to do anything.  Today, I was supposed to get some fillings at the dentist, but NP told me to stay inside for a few days, so I called to cancel the appointment.  Hopefully I can reschedule next week. 

I still have Christmas shopping to do, and about a week until Christmas.  I started a sweater for my mom, but its nowhere near done and I am having a tough time with it.  I need a back up plan!!

I need rest.  Still have a cough and congestion, so I need to take it easy today. 

More on our trip to vegas later.