Wednesday, February 27, 2013

First post

I am in the hospital and it is day 25 here.  I went to urgent care on Saturday, Feb 2, 2013 thinking I had the flu and noticed a bunch of bruises on my body.  I thought I was getting anemic.
I was wrong.
I found out I had luekemia...apl to be exact.  It took a few days to about a week to confirm the diagnosis, but I have APL.
And now, I am done with my first round of chemo and waiting for my numbers to "bottom out" before they get better. 
I've had my gallbadder removed since I have been here.  I have a rash from medicine all over my body thats itchy and all over.
Its my first time in a hospital other than one trip to the emergency room a few years back. Its tough to imagine that I can be so sick when I felt so healthy all this time.

I need to share my story.