Sunday, April 5, 2015

Itchy Rash all over hands, neck, chest, shoulders and face along hairline

So, if you look through older posts, you will know I was dealing with a mysterious rash this winter.  It started around January 1, and has come back after treatments. 
My GP gave me Medrol in January, and when it came back Jan 30 (about 3 days after the Medrol pack was finished), I went to a dermatologist who prescribed me a prednisone regimen.  This helped greatly, and we were able to go on our trip to Vegas, as the rash stopped itching, cleared up, and I felt great. 
A week after the prednisone was finished, I started to itch again.  The rash came back and this time spread to my shoulders and arms.  It was a bunch of tiny raised red bumps.  My derm decided to refer me to an allergist.  In the meantime, I was given some 2.5% hydrocortisone cream.  Don't use this on your face, as I found out... it clears the rash, but then you have a feeling of sunburn on your face.  In retrospect, I should have known better, my skin is pretty sensitive anyway.
Here we are, into April, and I am still dealing with this rash.  I had my first allergy test (the prick kind, on your back) last week, and this week I will have another test.  Wow, its uncomfortable, I'm not going to lie.  Didn't like it one bit.  They poked my back with 40 pricks, each with a different known allergen.  Then, she said I didn't react to some of the most common ones, so she injected my arm with 13 additional -- to recheck!  Not fun, and very uncomfortable.
Two weeks ago, I decided to stop taking my last medication, which was a hormone pill (its just birth control) Amethia.  Amethia is a generic for Seasonique.   Guess what?  A week after stopping that pill, I began to notice less itching.  Was it from the removal of the pill or was it from the massive amount of maintenance on the cortisone cream and other skin creams I have been slathering myself in?
Now, today, I started itching a bit more again.  I'm wondering if this itching is because my skin is dry or if the itch and rash weren't from an ingredient in the pill but still from something else?  I'm wondering if it could be a simple ingredient or something in a hair shampoo.  I was on baby shampoo, and the allergist suggested Neutrogenia shampoo.  I bought both the once a week shampoo and the TGel therapeutic shampoo, which mentioned dermatitis and eczema on the label.  It stinks so I don't use it often.  I will be using it tomorrow, though...just in case the other shampoo is the cause.