Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Day 31 here

I have been here for 31 days.  It isn't fun.  I miss my dog so much, I cry when I think about him.  We have pictures posted everywhere in my room of my little Frank, but it hurts so much to not have him here with me. 

I also am getting sick of all the health insurance paperwork at this point.  I'm not even out of the hospital and the bills are coming in and the insurance requests for information are coming in left and right.

I wish my numbers were better, but the docs keep telling me it can just take time.  I should be happy that my body has started to make its own platelets, which is good.  Hopefully soon the numbers will reflect my bone marrow making the other parts of my blood, too...and that they are healthy.

Its been a tough day but I know there will be good days and bad days.  My skin is super sensitive and peeling everywhere.  Band aids don't even stick to my skin at this point.  The skin just peels off with the band aid.  Hoping tomorrow will be better.

todays numbers


yesterday my anc was 0.77.  You might think its good that it is going up, but I have been waiting for it to bottom out and go even further lower before it goes up.  it keeps flip flopping around 1.4-1.7 to 0.78/0.77.
I am frustrated.