Tuesday, August 6, 2013

numbers are up!

Yesterday, I went in for my weekly check up and blood work.  My ANC (neutrophil count) has gone up to 1.3!  This is great, it was so low for over a week.  I will be happier when I reach 1.7 (or hopefully 2.0), but its still a reason to celebrate. 
I slept most of the day yesterday and was up and down all night, as usual.  I still get night sweats and hot flashes which makes it hard to get any measurable amount of sleep.  I feel like I have more energy today, but I am still a bit shaky when I am standing.  I think this will go away as my numbers increase and normalize like last time I was neutropenic. 

In other cancer related news, my hair is falling out at a rapid pace.  I am doing some laundry today just because I can't stand seeing all that hair on my pillow case.  I've been wearing a scarf to collect the falling hairs, but it comes off at night while I'm sleeping.  Besides, my towels the past few days have taken a furry hit and look so gross, covered in tiny, 2 inch ringlets.  I expect all my hair to be gone by Saturday at this rate. 

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