Saturday, August 3, 2013

Good Morning World! Ugh, I mean Good Afternoon World!

I didn't feel so good this morning, but now I am up and ready to face the day.  Too bad its almost noon, and half the day is gone.
Today was dressing change day.  Once a week, your dressing covering up the central line (in my case a hickman catheter) needs to be cleaned and changed.  The caps at the end of any ports (lumens) also need to be changed.  I flush all my lines daily with a special medicine, Heparin.  I do my dressing change and flush by myself, and I take my time.  I have to prep the area, sanitize and get my shower done first before changing my dressing.  That part of my skin will now be itchy all day, from the adhesive in the dressing and the alcohol cleaning solution to make sure its germ free.

Otherwise, I get more blood work done on Monday.  I am really hoping my ANC is up, at least 1.0.  I feel really good right now, so I'm thinking if I have more energy, hopefully my blood is getting back to normal.  Makes sense, right?

I've been knitting a sweater, and I started right before I went in for this last round of chemo.  Its been a couple weeks, and I am about half done.  Its my first hand knit sweater.  I have made scarves and hats before, but this is a first.  I'm really excited, but trying to take my time to not make any mistakes.

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