Friday, August 2, 2013


I've been neutropenic for over a week now.  What is neutropenia?  Its when you have little to none white blood cells, which are your fighters.  Without them, your bodys immune system is suppressed.  For me, this happened as a result of my last round of chemo.  Monday's blood work showed my lowest ANC (absolute neutrophil count) yet, 0.15.  Yesterday, I was up to 0.42.  

This past week, I've been very tired.  I haven't left the house with the exception of blood work/ doctor visits.  I've worn a mask every time I did go out.  My legs get all shaky if I stand for more than ten minutes.  My mind is awake, but my body thinks I'm sleeping, its very weird and hard to explain the feeling.  
When you are neutropenic, you can't eat anything raw.  No fresh fruits (and it's summertime!), all meats and veg need to be thoroughly cooked.  Because of the cancer and chemo, I've been eating mostly soft foods, so I dont scrape up the inside of my mouth too much.  Too much risk of infection.  I also have to watch my temperature and need to get to the ER if I run a fever.
I am hoping and praying my count is at least 1.0 on Monday.  I'm sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.

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