Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Attack of another Rash-- this one explained Pityriasis Rosea

Pityriasis Rosea

a small sample of the rash on my abdomen.

About four weeks ago, I developed an itchy pink spot on my lower abdomen. About the size of my thumb, it was oval shaped, very pink, very itchy.
I immediately thought I ate something or used a product I shouldn't have...with all my allergies, of course that 's the first thing that comes to mind.  
Hydro-cortisone cream doesn't work.  I tried Neosporin.  Nothing.  The itchy spot remained.  I decided the next step would be the dermatologist.  
Two weeks go by, and a few days before my appointment, I wake up to a bunch of bumps on my abdomen and chest that look like mosquito bites.  They are raised and itch like mosquito bites, too.  I thought one went wild on me like a buffet in the night.  
Then, I saw Dr Laura.  She looked at me and smiled.  "That's a mother patch!"  
She explained I have Pityriasis Rosea.  Its believed to be caused by a virus, but its kinda unknown.   There is no cure, it goes away after some time.  She asked if I needed more cortisone cream and sent me on my way, expecting it to be gone in another 3-6 weeks time.

Of course, we are 1.5 weeks from seeing Dr Laura, and I am still a crazy itchy person that just wants relief.  I've hit a bunch of websites, looking for home remedies and cures that helped others like me.  Granted, I know I have a weak immune system, even though my "numbers" are good.  PR is a mother of a rash.  I have 2 mother or herald patches, bigger than the others, not really raised, but a bit flaky.   Surrounding my entire body from my knees to my ears are little itchy pink bumps.  Warm water, soap, and sweat/exercise seem to make them stick out more, feel more itchy, and make them more red.  So, my pimple-dotted pits do not see deodorant right now.  I take cool showers.  I try to wear little clothing, because seams and hems tend to rub against my skin and really get me itchy.  

It sucks.  The pamphlet I got at the doc's office says it will go away on its own, but really I just have to put up with it!  

So,, that's what I'vMe been up to.  How about you?  I noticed when I itch too much the skin breaks, and I end up with little scabs.  This is not contagious, by the way.  I got it from something, but not another person.  It looks awful because it is awful.  Looks like no swimming pools until this clears up for me.


  1. I hope that the itchiness is at least a little bit gone! Ugh. Itchiness is the worst. When I get hives I use benedryl cream but really it's just probably snake-oil and doesn't actually work. Once I was told to use the inside of a banana peel... That didn't do anything but make my skin smell of the fruit and covered in banana slime. (((Gentle hugs)))

  2. Thanks Cristine! Its starting to feel less itchy. I think the hydrocorisone cream dries out my skin even more, so I've been using it sparingly. I can't imagine enjoying the banana peel treatment, lol!