Thursday, January 29, 2015

A mysterious Rash, possibly solved.

Two months off maintenance and I had a checkup this week with my amazing hematologist/oncologist.  My numbers are the best they have ever been since my diagnosis almost 2 years ago!  This is wonderful news!!

However, we had the talk that I knew I deserved...that I knew was time for and didn't want to hear:  I need to see other doctors when I get a cold, rash (yep, have one), or other 'healthy people' issues.

Its tough to hear, because you rely and depend on this one doctor to do all the worrying for you.  She is amazing, and I am alive because of research and her.  She pushed me, and she held me when I needed it.  She always answered my calls and I will continue to have more checkups with her, however now I also am blessed to have other doctors diagnose normal people problems, lol!

So, in parallel news, kinda where the talk came from:  I have a very itchy face and neck.  It started in the beginning of January, and I let it go until last week, about Jan 21.  I saw a GP, who said it looked like contact dermatitis and sent me home with a script for some Medrol pack.  While taking the steroid pack, I was fine and dandy, but a day after finishing it up, I started to itch again.  The rash hasn't reappeared yet, but I really think it was from my constant itching and scratching.  My doctor at Rush gave me a talk and told me its time to see a dermatologist for a better understanding and testing.

Voila!  I called on Tuesday and the derm had an opening that just cancelled on them for the next morning!  It was a miracle.  This Derm doc is amazing.  She put a thought in my head, asked if any of my scripts were made by different manufactures?  I said no, but then I woke up early this morning and immediately thought of the generic Zyrtec my dad got me, and I used it when I ran out of mine, about the same time, maybe a few days/week before my itchy-ness started!!  I am now thinking that the generic Zyrtec might have been the culprit!! 

I hope everyone who is reading my blog is healthy and well.  I know many reader who message me to let me know they are experiencing the same or another leukemia.  Its important to remember we aren't in it alone and that other people are going through the same thing.  I pray for all cancer patients daily, and I just want you to know there are others like me who want nothing but cancer eliminated from our lives.

take care and be well!

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