Sunday, February 1, 2015

Update on Mysterious Itchy Rash

I'm almost 1 week in my prednisone script trying to get rid of the itchy rash (again).  So far, knock on wood, the redness is fading, the itchiness stopped (the first day) and rash is gone.  My neck, face and upper chest is still a bit red toned, and my boobies have little pimples on them, but I think that might be from all the moisturizer and goop I've been slathering myself in.  *please no weirdos here*

Prednisone, like most steroids I have been prescribed, really affect my digestive system.  Its been a lot of bloating and comfortableness.    I have been trying to ease the issue with prunes, low sodium V8, oranges, and lots of water, along with frosted mini wheats for breakfast.  Neil bought me some natural ginger ale..but trying to stay away from breads has been hard.  Gosh, I love bread.  I love baking, and during a snow storm, what is a girl to do? 

I hope everyone is enjoying the Super Bowl (those who watch it or the commercials!).  I'm not interested, so I'm going to read or do something else.  I'm not in the mood to knit or ramble any further, which is good for you!

Have a great night,

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