Friday, January 3, 2014

So I have been sick...

I know its been awhile, but I've been sick.  Neil and I went on a small trip to Vegas (oh how I love Vegas), and I came home with a superbug of some sorts.  Well, I'm calling it a super bug anyways.  My body just couldn't shake it, I felt better after a few days and then it hit me again on Christmas Eve.  I went and spent my Christmas at the Emergency Room by my house.

 They diagnosed me with pneumonia.  A few days later, I felt even worse, and headed to the Emergency Room again, this time at Rush (where they have been treating me for leukemia).  They didn't see pneumonia, but they did feel I wasn't on strong enough medication.  Now I'm on plenty!!  I feel better, but I still have a cough and my chest is still very sore.  Every cough makes it hurt worse.  I am on pain medication for it, but it makes me so sleepy, that I try not to take too much.

Today is the first time I am going to venture out since this started.  I have been homebound for at least two weeks, with the exception of doctor and emergency room visits.
Lesson Learned:  Even though I am in remission, I can and will get sick easily.  When I get sick, it will be tough on my body.  There is no such thing as a "little cold" right now.  My white count may be fine...all my "numbers" can be okay, but my immune system in general has been through the ringer this past year.  I still need to be careful and take it easy. 
Trust me, I will wear my mask today at Walgreens.

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