Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The best CATCH ALL product I've found for EVERYTHING

AQUAPHOR Healing Ointment is the best!

Here's why:

I have had my jar of healing ointment since I came home after my first hospitalization with leukemia.
It helped me when all my skin was peeling.  It helped when my skin was dried out from meds/chemo.
It helped when I had a rash.
It helped when I was experiencing dryness in the worst places for the worst reasons.
It helped when I was allergic to every facial moisturizer I owned.
It helped when I got too much sun.
It even helped when my toenails popped off and the skin was sore and sensitive.
It helped when the skin on my lips peeled off...constantly...oh the pain!!
and now, wait for helped when I got a diaper rash.  *of sorts*

No diapers were not worn, but I somehow got a sweat rash on my bottom this week, most likely from the heat, sweat, and clothes I was wearing.  Of course, in the worst place and it really looked like a diaper rash similar to what babies go through.

This stuff is similar to vaseline in consistency and looks.  I love it, it is protective, easy to apply, and works amazingly quickly. Just be sure to not wear brand new clothes or bedding.  I try to apply it mostly at night, and a small dab will do you just fine.  It rubs into the skin super simple. Very comfortable too.

Last night, I globbed it up and put it on my butt...and then put some loose fitting cotton bottoms on and this morning felt 10x better!  The skin is healing.
Love it-- pick it up-- give it to anyone with skin issues.  it will always come in handy, especially for someone dealing with the weirdest issues!


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