Friday, April 12, 2013

Women fakes Cancer to fund her heroin Addiction-- UNREAL!

The above article on Yahoo! this morning makes me sick.  A 20something woman raises money for her alleged cancer troubles only to find out she was collecting donations and using them for her heroin addiction.  As someone who is struggling with medical bills and obscenely priced prescriptions, I take great offense to what this lady did.  I may one day need to ask for donations to cover my medical expenses.  Cancer is very expensive, even if you have insurance.  And here is an example of someone ruining and spoiling these acts of kindness and generosity.  People work hard for their money, and most of us want to help others (when we can).  There have been times I personally would have ramen noodles for lunch an entire week so I could spend money on supplies for the animal shelter just because I wanted to help.  I wanted to feel like I did something good for another, even if it meant my grocery budget that week would be cut short. 

Don't think all people asking for donations or those who do need help are liars like this woman.  It makes you think, for sure, but I still want to believe most of us are good and would not scam an entire town or area like this lady did.

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