Friday, April 12, 2013


During my initial stay at the hospital for APL, I wore slippers all the time.  The nurses encouraged me to walk frequently to keep my energy up and get me out of bed.  When I got home, I had to get used to wearing shoes just to go to get my blood drawn or walk outside with the dog. 

This time around, I skipped bringing my slippers and have been wearing my tennis shoes.  Today, I have them on, already took a walk around my floor and now still wearing them in my room while I type this post.  It feels good!  It makes me feel a bit of normal.

Something so silly and small can make such a difference.  When I walk around in pjs all day (which is very comfortable), I feel more lazy and I feel sick-- like I am helpless during the day.  My mind (and yours) can play tricks on us.  So, the past few weeks I have been wearing sweat pants, tshirts, and I think I am ready to graduate to jeans when I get home.  There is a fine line between comfortable and lazy.  But I know that I will start feeling better as I try to get back to normal life.  Its not like I can work, and we can only do so much at home, especially as weak as I feel sometimes, so I need to keep busy and try to feel normal-- and not like the chemo patient I am.

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