Monday, November 4, 2013

Must Have for Cancer Patients: Baby Wipes

You might think I am crazy, but trust me, as a cancer patient, wipes are a must.
Cancer patients are treated with tons of different meds.  These medications can all interact with your digestive system in different ways.  A 'normal' bowel movement quickly becomes a thing of the past.  Might sound gross, but this is easy talk for most cancer patients.  Due to our immune systems, chemotherapy, and everything else, the last thing the doctors and nurses want us to do is strain ourselves when we go to the bathroom.  They also want us to (obviously) keep clean.  Baby wipes work for moms cleaning babies, and they work for cancer patients who need a little help. 

If you experience hemorrhoids, ask your doctor about medication or medicated pads and wipes.  When I am noticing a little blood, I am most scared about infection of the area that is bleeding.  Wipes help this better than toilet paper.  I rarely even use toilet paper anymore.  Of course, I just started maintenance therapy, and those medications make me go a lot and often.  Just don't flush them! 
I prefer the thick unscented wipes.  Walgreens makes a store brand wipe that is wonderful.  The thick ones are worth it as an adult, too!

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